Waterstraalsnijden met oog voor detail
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Motortoertocht 2017zaterdag 17 juni organiseren we weer onze jaarlijkse motortoertocht.

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C&W Snijtechniek makes it with water

C&W Snijtechniek in Roden can cut any desired form out of virtually any material using water. C&W Snijtechniek is the specialist in the field of water jet cutting.

The company has years of experience and extensive technical knowledge regarding the equipment, the water jet cutting technique and all kinds of materials. C&W works with the customer to find a solution for every need.

The whole company is focused on the production of high quality products, from design to neat packaging, and the short delivery times are never lost from view.

The company takes a no-nonsense approach, and we are strongly solution oriented. Always consulting with the customer, C&W aims to convert a need into a product as efficiently as possible.

Diverse Materialen
    Waterstraalsnijden C&W Snijtechniek Watersnijtechniek Waterjetcutting korte levertijden enkel stuks kleine series