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Waterjetcutting is the ideal method to cut all conceivable forms of virtually any materials.

How does waterjetcutting work?

In waterjetcutting is water under high pressure compressed through a small aperture (nozzle) through which a cutting action occurs. There are two different possibilities: cutting with pure water for the softer materials and cutting with an abrasive (a kind of sand) for harder materials.


  Benefits of waterjetcutting

One of the benefits of waterjetcutting is that there is a great freedom of shape compared to other cutting techniques.

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Materials waterjetcutting C&W Snijtechniek


The workingmethod of C&W Snijtechniek

At C&W snijtechniek a design for a waterjetcut object can come in by e-mail, fax or courier. If desired, C&W is also able to measure the object on location or at the company. Because of the fixed contact, we create short lines. In addition, is our company set to short delivery times. Entirely computer-controlled, the materials are cut. And after cutting no expensive post-processing is needed. View the entire  waterjetcutting process  at C&W Snijtechniek.

 Waterjetcutting method C&W Snijtechniek  

Waterjetcutting machines

Among others we use machines from Resato, Gloning and Komatsu for the waterjetcutting. View the full waterjetcutting machinelist .

Advantages of waterjet cutting

The advantage of waterjetcutting is the vast amount of shapes you´re able to cut. Another one of the great benefits of waterjet cutting (in comparison to traditional cutting techniques) is that there is no heat involved in the cutting. This means that the material you´re cutting stays untouched. This results in not having to do any post processing.

Waterjet cutting in comparison to traditional techniques

• Constant high quality cut
• No heat input which prevents damage of the material
• Highly accurate ± 0,1 mm
• Great formability
• Almost no burring
• Waterjet cutting leaves no dust or toxic vapor
• No discoloration or deformation
• Almost no cutting waste
• low mechanical stress
• Able to cut materials up to thickness of 200 mm.
• High cutting speed
• No post processing needed
• Environmentally friendly

About C&W

C&W has years of experience and extensive technical knowledge regarding the equipment, the water jet cutting technique and all kinds of materials. C&W works with the customer to find a solution for every need. The whole company is focused on the production of high quality products, from design to neat packaging, and the short delivery times are never lost from view.

Curious about your own possibilities of waterjetcutting?


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